TabooHeat - Amiee Cambridge and Cory Chase - Tricking My Step Mom into Sex Vol 2

TabooHeat – Amiee Cambridge and Cory Chase – Tricking My Step Mom into Sex Vol 2

Fucked While on the Phone
Step Mom Amiee is on the phone with Nurse Cory. She is giving Cory all the details of the progress of my Wood issues. She is wearing just a sexy bra and pantie set and this really turns me on. Amiee mentions she has been doing everything and anything to keep me out of the hospital. Then I hear Nurse Cory will be making a house call next week. My boner was instant and Amiee took full advantage of the situation. Never thought Step Mom could talk with her mouth full but she listened as she was sucking my cock. All previous wood issues are gone, my wood is ready and hard as her tits are irresistible! The last thing she says to Cory is, “See you at Noon!” I cannot wait but first, time to show how my condition is solved and fuck Step Mom good and hard.
After I finish, Amiee reminds me Nurse Chase will be over in a week and I remind her I have homework to do…

Step Mom Cures My Boner
Amiee walks into my room, she has a question. She might be on to my scam. All the times we fucked, there were no issues. I tried to make her feel better by telling a little lie that my boner is always hard only because of her. She took this flattery and completely forgot what she originally wanted to talk about. She quickly began to open her robe and strip nude for me. Seeing her hot naked body always works for me. Her doubts and suspicions are on hold until she meets with Nurse Cory later this week.
Amiee is crazy though, getting naked right in front of my window and not caring if the neighbors see. Okay, I admit, this freaked me out a bit and I did not want them to see. She lays on her back and lets me fuck her, I never can get use to see that metal in her clit. Kinda hot if you ask me!

Hot Nurse House Visit
Nurse Cory walks into the bedroom and wants to know what has happened over the last month. All the treatments and actions that have happened. Amiee discusses how they watched porn, how she dresses sexy, let Luke touch and feel. Nurse Cory said this should not be awkward at all, she is only his step mom.
Cory was being very aggressive and began to touch and feel on Amiee. The Nurse went so far as to pull out Amiee’s boobs and sucked on them. Amiee was shocked at first but did not exactly say for Cory to stop. The Nurse’s jacket came off and Cory revealed a super sexy lingerie set. Amiee was turned on that she did not realize Cory was seducing her. The inner slut was released and Amiee literally jumped Nurse Cory’s bones!

Step Family Medical Check Up
I walk into Step Mom’s bedroom to find a completely naked Amiee and Nurse Cory. Amiee was eating out my Nurse and as inappropriate as this seemed, My cock was hard. I shoved it into Nurse Cory’s mouth and she sucked me off like it owed her money.
That’s when the secret was revealed to Amiee. Cory confessed we met at the bar and that I had a crush on my Step Mom. We hatched a plan to fuck my Step Mom and it completely worked. Good thing Amiee was a horny MILF Slut and completely went along with all of this. Step Mom is first, I fucked her from behind as she ate out my Nurse. So hot!
After fucking them both in multiple positions, it was time for “nurse Cory” to watch me cum in my Step Mom’s mouth. Cory takes a position behind Amiee as I fuck my Step Mom. I make her cum one more time before unloading a massive load into her mouth. This time I even shot her hair, it was so hot. Multiple ropes across Step Mom’s face. Cory even cleaned my cock off before I stepped back. I suggest we clean up before my Step-Dad comes home. Cory and Amiee kiss as I walk away to get them both a towel!

TabooHeat - Amiee Cambridge and Cory Chase - Tricking My Step Mom into Sex Vol 2

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