Sydney Harwin - Your Momma Said No

Sydney Harwin – Your Momma Said No

You are chilling in your room with two of your mates when your lovely Mom walks in to ask if anyone would like something to eat. You are a little tipsy and your friends are quite mean towards her, but she is worried that you are being influenced and starts to embarrass you by calling you baby and trying to get you to come with her so she can make you feel better. She asks your friends to leave but they refuse. One of your friends gets his dick out and your Mom gets increasingly annoyed. You decide to join in and tease her, before acting brave in front of your mates and grabbing your Moms hand to touch your cock. She desperately tries to pull away as you all laugh and mock her for being so prude. Your bully friend pushes your Mom on the bed and as your om pleads with you to get him to stop, he pulls her panties to her ankles and shoves his dick inside of her. She lets it happen, as she can’t stop him and neither do you. Your other friend starts filming on his phone and she begs him to stop. After your friend has had his fill of her, she thinks its all over… until you grab her legs and pull her in your direction. You pull your Mommas legs wide apart and admire her hairy pussy, before fucking her. Your mates continue laughing and cheering you on until you release inside of her.


Sydney Harwin - Your Momma Said No

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