Sydney Harwin - Reluctant Machine Mom

Sydney Harwin – Reluctant Machine Mom

You were clearing out some of your late fathers belongings after he died when you come across an instruction manual and a remote… for a sex robot! You refuse to believe your father would have anything like that in the house, but after thinking for a while, you start to believe that your mother, the woman you’ve always loved could actually be the sex robot that your father used to replace your real mother after he found it too hard to tell you that she actually passed away in a car crash when you were little. You decide to confront your ‘mother’ about this to see if she will be honest with you, but you are shocked when your robo mom doesn’t even believe it herself! She was cloned from your mother to look and sound exactly the same, but along with that came emotions and feelings of love and she has forgotten that she is just a machine. She dares you to press the button on the remote because she is adament that nothing will happen, but when you fiddle with the remote, suddenly your ‘mother’ states her charging percentage and that all systems are functioning correctly. She snaps out of it and is horrified to now know that it’s true and she is in fact a robot cloned by your father. You start to feel hatred towards your parents and now, considering the woman you thought was your mother is just a machine, you threaten to reset her back to factory settings if she doesn’t comply with your every demand… and that includes stripping, sucking your cock and letting you fuck her. She begs you to stop the whole while and keeps saying that she is your mom and she loves you, but your dick just feels too good to feel sorry for her. You hold the remote in your hand as you thrust into her. Her robotic voice and her stiff body make you all the harder as you fuck your machine mother


Sydney Harwin - Reluctant Machine Mom

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