Sydney Harwin - Mommy Knows Your Fetish

Sydney Harwin – Mommy Knows Your Fetish

Mommy has found pornography on your laptop of a different kind. You love to watch beautiful women smoking whilst they fuck. You admit to your mommy that yes, you do have an insane smoking fetish and you can’t help it. You are so ashamed of yourself and tell your mom how you just can’t resist all the hot girls smoking in the parking lot, taking long drags on their cigarettes and teasing you with their short skirts and bad attitudes. Your mommy can relate… she WAS the bad girl back in high school, enticing all the boys to bang her in the back seat of their cars… All this talk of smoking is really making mommy crave a cigarette… As you watch your mommy light it, she spots your growing boner under your trousers… Suddenly she turns into a filthy talking woman who is just so desperate to do nasty stuff together. Your fetish has brought out your mommas terrible side… and as she takes your cock in her mouth she makes sure to blow smoke as she sucks it, your dick entering the smokey abyss of her tight mouth. She taunts you as the smoke drifts slowly upwards in a thick cloud from her mouth. She asks you if you’ve ever fucked a girl before. You say no. Your mother wants to see to that…


Sydney Harwin - Mommy Knows Your Fetish

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