Sydney Harwin - Mom Crashes The Party

Sydney Harwin – Mom Crashes The Party

Your mom went out for the night so you decided to defy her and throw a house party. You are shocked when your mom comes home to find her house trashed, music blaring and you snogging your girlfriend against a wall. She pulls you away from your friends to have a word with you about your bad behaviour lately. Your mom is so angry with you and won’t stop yelling in your face. She tells you she doesn’t know how to punish you, as she has tried every punishment possible… But then she has an idea. She hasn’t punished you by embarrassment yet… and your mother has an epic idea. She instructs you to take off your pants, which you laugh at, but when your mom gets even angrier you are frightened not to. She even helps you pull them down. Her idea is that she will march you back to the party with no pants on so you’ll be embarrassed in front of your mates, and hopefully you’ll have a new found respect for your momma… but you can’t help your hard on when your mom gets angry… it turns you on more than anything else, and when your mom spots your erect cock, she is gob smacked and teases you about it, asking if you fancy her. Do you want to fuck your mother? You don’t exactly answer her, but the evidence is all there for her to see, so she hatches a new punishment plan… You must wank in front of her until you cum. And now your mother knows your dirty mother fetish secret, she is going to use it against you for all kinds of authority over you. She even shows you her pussy as you jerk your cock. You know that if you defy your mom in the future, she is going to tell your friends about your taboo kink, and you don’t want that. So for now, you must accept your punishment your mom has handed to you. Jerk your dick whilst you stare at her perfect little pussy… and pray that your girlfriend doesn’t walk in on you!


Sydney Harwin - Mom Crashes The Party

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