Sydney Harwin – How To Train Your Mom

Your mom is very old fashioned. She doesn’t understand much about your generation. She sits you down for a serious chat. She wants to make sure that you are not watching filthy pornography on your phone. She demands to see your phone history and notices that it has been deleted, so that is when you admit that you do have one picture on your phone- a naked lady. Your mommy is shocked and tells you to get out of her sight. A little while later you come back to your mom after she has calmed down and hand her some clothing that you have taken from your friends moms wardrobe. She is visibly disgusted by the slutty outfits and see-through underwear, but she agrees to try them on regardless, just for you and so that you will stop bothering her. Once she starts putting on the clothes, you notice a change in your moms attitude, almost as if she is trying to hold something back, something buried deep within her that is just screaming to surface. You attempt to show her some porn and even though she is saying she doesn’t want to look, she just can’t help it and before you know it, your mother is masturbating right in front of you, unable to suppress her natural urges any longer… She has only ever had sex once and that was to conceive you years ago. Apart from that she is virtually clueless about how to please a man, or how to make herself feel good. Your mom follows your instructions as you guide her through what to do to make her body feel good. Sucking your cock and learning how to pleasure you. Sucking on your balls. Shoving all five fingers up her oiled asshole. Attempting to fist her pussy. Lying back, spreading her legs and inviting you to FUCK her desperately soaking wet and horny pussy. Bending over and letting you drill her from behind. Getting on top and being thrown about above you like a ragdoll as you pound up and into her cunt. Your mommy is so fucking frustrated and practically BEGS you to fill her up with your cum…


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