Spoiled Mean MILFs - Mommy takes her cigarette to your shaf

Spoiled Mean MILFs – Mommy takes her cigarette to your shaf

I’d like a dark and erotic video with a fun-loving, sadistic, dominant and libidinous Mom. She’s driven by her own cruel pleassures without anger or hate or animosity. She just loves torment little boys. Which she expresses in a calm, sensuous voice dripping with affection, if not ffor her son then for her own rather wicked desires. Mom is looking at her son. She’s lounging in comfortable clothes (similar to what you wore in your video “Vicky sexy smokes and gives you joi instructions” from january 19 1917). This may be a stretch but if you could frame it so there’s a dildo in the scene that looks like the boys cock poking up that would open up all kinds of delisiously cruel things Mommy can do to her boy. She smokes all white cigarettes (my Mom smoked parliments). She loves blowwing her smoke in her little boy’s face, teasing him by waving/holding the hot glowing tip close to his face, reveling in his growing discomfort as she flicks her ashes on him and teases him about how much she likes to see him jerk and flinch and whimper. Mom giggles and chuckles and smiles at her son’s agony the way Moms do when their little boy’s do something cute. If you can get a dildo in the scene I’d love to see Mommy ash on her boys cock and caress the hard shaft wth her burning cigarette, tracing slow lazy spirls around the boy”s ccock till she gets to the tip where she burns his pee hole.


Spoiled Mean MILFs - Mommy takes her cigarette to your shaf

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