Sloansmoans - Tasting Mommy in Front of Sis

Sloansmoans – Tasting Mommy in Front of Sis

I walk in to find you, my son, upset and crying because lo and behold your sister has been being a bitch to you once again. I scold her and move to console you. I ask you why she’s teasing you and I find out that it’s because you haven’t kissed a girl yet. I decide to take things into my own hands… and make your sister watch. I berate her as I kiss you and my kisses quickly become sloppier as I drool and spit in and on your mouth. You’re so hard from kissing mommy and your sister begins to make accusations about how wrong this is but I quickly write her off. I present my tits to you and spit on them and ask you to lick it all off. You suck my tits and lick up mommy’s spit like a good boy. i use the “I” word to describe our actions and I decide to put your cock inside me as I kiss you and make you cum without even moving… mommy’s kisses are enough to bring you all the pleasure you’ll need…


Sloansmoans - Tasting Mommy in Front of Sis

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