Sloansmoans - Son Breaks His Promise

Sloansmoans – Son Breaks His Promise

I get home from work to find you waiting for me in the hallway. I see that look on your face but I ignore it as I walk away. You made me a promise, afterall. I move into my room and I’m on the phone talking about all the mom duties ahead of me but when I turn around you startle me by standing in front of me rubbing your cock. I scold you and tell you how wrong that is. And of course, I remind you of your promise: No jerking off for 4 weeks. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MORE WEEK LEFT! You had been masturbating way too much and it’s been getting in the way of everything. You made me this promise and now that you’re here stroking your cock through your pants it seems as though you’ve forgotten. I remind you over and over again as i tell you to stop stroking but you’re not listening. I give you one final chance as i turn my back and expect you to be gone but instead you have your cock completely out now. I’m annoyed and frustrated, just what am i going to do with you?! I think of a way to bribe you: I tell you that if you hold out for one more week of NO NUTTING I’ll let you fuck my ass. Yes, son, my ass. In fact, i’ll even let your friend come over and you two can take turns fucking my asshole raw. Wouldn’t you like that, son? It seems as though this bribe makes you even hornier because you come up to me and take down my dress and take off my bra. I tell you that once you take my bra off you won’t be able to resist me and I won’t either. I’ll need to taste your big, thick cock. You remove my bra and expose my tits and I have no choice but to turn into your own personal mommy slut. I suck, spit, drool on your cock so sloppy as I dirty talk about what a whore I am, what a slut you’ve made me. I let my spit drip onto my tits and I tease you with them as you stroke for me. I give you an intense titty fuck as I continue to talk nasty to you. I blow you until I stat begging for your cum. I know you have 3 weeks worth of cum filling your balls and I know you’re going to release so big for me. I tell you to paint me with your sperm and I take load after load of your cum all over my mouth, face and tits…


Sloansmoans - Son Breaks His Promise

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