Sloansmoans - Sister Becomes Mommy

Sloansmoans – Sister Becomes Mommy

Watch as your big sister starts tucking you in for bed. You ask if she could cuddle with you. She says, yes of course. You both snuggle and look into each other’s eyes and tell each other that you love one another and she gives you a kiss on the forehead. She tells you that you’re her #1 one man and reminds you that it’s just been you and her since your parents abandoned you both. She senses that something is bothering you and she asks you what’s wrong. You look away and she pulls you back and decides to give you special kisses on the lips, very passionately so that you might relax and tell her what’s wrong. She asks you again and you say you don’t her as your sister anymore. You tell her that’s not your sister, she never has been, and before you can finish she stops you and is heartbroken. She asks how you can say that to her after everything she’s done for you. She reminds you of everything she’s done. She becomes upset and says that you’re cruel and selfish just like your parents. She goes to get off the bed, angry, until she hears you say, “mommy don’t go”. She turns around and asks what you called her. She asks if you meant to call her mommy. You say yes, that you don’t want her as an older sister, you want her as mommy. She’s always been mommy and that’s what’s bothering you. You want to call her mommy all the time and her to call you son or bb boy. You hold out your arms to her and she goes back to you and starts kissing you deep and calling you her bb boy. You kiss passionately for a long time until she feels your cock poking her. She tells you it’s ok bb boy and she starts stroking it as you kiss. She then tells you she’s going to take good care of her son and starts sucking your cock (POV, implied BJ, no dildo shown). You ask if you can lick mommys pussy and she lays back and opens her legs wide for you and says yes. She tells you not to stop until she cums on bb boys face. She then tells you to come up and kiss her. As you’re kissing she tells you to slide your cock into her pussy. You fuck her in missionary ( camera hand held to create the appearance of her embracing you throughout the fucking and also to bring you in close to kiss you.) She kisses you more while asking you to cum with her. She wants you both to cum together. She wants you to cum inside mommy. You both cum at the same time and after you stay interlocked while kissing and being sweet to each other.


Sloansmoans - Sister Becomes Mommy

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