Sissy in Satin - Roxana Rae - Mommy's Advice

Sissy in Satin – Roxana Rae – Mommy’s Advice

Come over here and sit down next to mommy I have some advice I need to share with you. Now I know you will be heading off to college soon and I want to make sure you are prepared for what will happen. See the other day when I accidently walked in on you after your shower I couldn’t help but notice your tiny dick. I know being your step mom I haven’t been around your whole life but I was concerned maybe you had a medical condition you hadn’t told me about but when I asked your father about it he said you were perfectly healthy but have always just had a teeny tiny dick. I’m actually surprised given the fact that your father has an extremely large cock, but I guess some things aren’t genetically passed down. Anyways, I’m concerned about your sex life in college with such a tiny dick, I think we both can agree you will be better off forgoing any attempts at sex and just focusing on your studies. Now of course you will have to have some type of sexual outlet and masturbation is probably the best bet for you. So let mommy teach you the correct way to jerk off such a tiny baby dick. I know you have probably been trying to jerk off with one whole hand like a man with a big cock but that’s not the correct way. Here let mommy show you, we will do it together…..


Sissy in Satin - Roxana Rae - Mommy's Advice

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