Sarah Rae - Giantess Mom

Sarah Rae – Giantess Mom

You’re on college break and staying at home with your mom. She comes into your room and tells you that she’s gone through your computer and she knows all about your giant mom and shrinking fetish. She asks you if you want to be a play thing for a giant mom and all of a sudden out of no where you shrink to a super tiny size with your mom towering above you. She leaves the room to change her clothes and comes back wearing a robe with a tiny bikini underneath. She puts on some music and starts to dance in her bikini. She picks up her tiny son and puts him in her bikini while she dances. She notices that you’ve gotten even smaller since she started dancing strips out of her bikini and shows her son her hairy pussy before she sits down to play with herself. She sucks her huge tits and gets turned on by sucking her sensitive nipples. Then she picks up her son again and rubs him all over her big ass, then puts him inside and shakes her her ass while she feels him squirm around. Then she rubs her tiny son all over her huge tits. She sucks on her nipples while her son lays on them, picking him up with her mouth and passing him from breast to breast. Then she rubs her son all over her hairy pussy and places him on her clit while she masturbates. She talks to him while she masturbates and tells him that he’s nothing but a little bug to her. She tells him that she’s a giant mom and she can do whatever she wants with him. Then she presses him against her nipple and tells him to play with it, calling him an ant while she rubs her pussy until she cums.


Sarah Rae - Giantess Mom

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