Sadbaffoon - Mom Ruins No Nut November - JOI

Sadbaffoon – Mom Ruins No Nut November – JOI

You get home from school and go straight to the couch to play some video games. You can’t wait to unwind after a long hard day. Your mom is in the kitchen putting away dishes and she asks if you can come help. You get annoyed and give her attitude. You’re usually really helpful and kind to your mom so she becomes concerned. She sits down next to you and asks if anything is bothering you. You tell her that because of No Nut November, you’re a little frustrated. Your mom is confused and doesn’t know what that is. You explain it’s when you don’t cum for the month of November. Your mom shakes her head in disappointment and concern. She says “Honey, you’re a growing boy. It’s not healthy to hold in your cum. If you need to cum, you go right ahead and cum. Follow mommy to the bedroom and she’ll help you get all that frustration out.” You follow her into your bedroom and your mom pulls out your cock surprised at how full your balls are. Your mom instructs you to on how to stroke your cock while she masturbates and brings you to orgasm. You’re such a lucky little boy to have a mommy like me.


Sadbaffoon - Mom Ruins No Nut November - JOI

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