Rhea Sweet - Mommy Shows Son

Rhea Sweet – Mommy Shows Son

Mommy was tucking her son into bed when he asks her an odd question. Her son starts asking her about his private parts and how they have been growing lately. He wants Mommy to teach him what to do with it. Mommy tells her son that it would be wrong but he keeps begging. Mommy decides that it would be her duty as a parent to help her son and show him how to take care of himself. She tells him to pull down his pants so he can pull it out for her. Mommy starts lightly stroking her son and shows him how to hold his cock. He asks his Mommy if he can cum in her mouth and she agrees but only this once. After her son finishes on her face he still wants more from his Mommy. Son asks Mommy if she will let him be inside of her so he knows what it feels like. Mommy hesitates but gives in. She gets on top of her son and slides him inside of her. Mommy tells him that he needs to warn her when he is close so he can pull out but son ignores his Mommy and cums inside of her. Mommy tells her son that this has to stay a secret, even from Daddy.


Rhea Sweet - Mommy Shows Son

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