Rebecca De Winter - Mommy Will Fix It

Rebecca De Winter – Mommy Will Fix It

Im your mom… I get to your room to take you to your friend’s party. But, you are not ready, in fact, you are in your bed under your shits. I can feel you are nervous about meeting girls at the party, they are so much experienced and I know you are a virgin boy, you’ve never been close to a girl! It’s then when I know If I show you what the girls will do to you and will want to be done at the party, you’ll feel less nervous, So I do! it I asked you to show me your cock, I can see that its hard already! but about the party? or is it cause of mom’s tits? Anyways… I showed my baby boy what sex is like, but shhh don’t tell dad about it.


Rebecca De Winter - Mommy Will Fix It

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