Rachael Cavalli - My Sons Desires Pt 1

Rachael Cavalli – My Sons Desires Pt 1

My Son’s Desires pt. 1: Stepmom (Rachael Cavalli) is in her bedroom getting dressed while on the phone with her daughter, telling her about stepson Alex (Tyler Nixon). Alex lurks outside the bedroom door eavesdropping on the conversation. She mentions how they didn’t get along when she first married his dad, perhaps he thought she was trying to take the place of his mom. But lately he’s been friendlier, even romantic, which stepmom characterizes as “innocent but hot”.
She tells her daughter: “When he looks at me it’s like my heart skips a beat, it’s like he’s looking right through me, studying me. Of course I would never cheat on his father, but there is something romantic about the thrill of being admired. I mean, I wouldn’t tell anybody but you, but I find myself getting dressed up for him. I don’t know, so I can feel beautiful again? I mean, he’s my stepson -I’m sure there’s zero chance he even finds me attractive”.
Alex murmurs: “Is it true you think that?”, and stepmom suddenly becomes aware he’s there. She quickly ends the phone call while he sneaks away. She comes downstairs and greets with a “Good morning” Alex who is eating breakfast at the kitchen table. “Hey, whoa, get a look at you”, he responds, eyeing the MILF dressed in high heels and a black dress.
“You got some hot date tonight?”, he jokes. “No, this old thing I pulled out of the back of my closet”, she says. “Did you hear my phone call earlier?”, she asks. “No, I just woke up right before you came down -I was asleep”, Alex lies. “Were you talking about me?”, he counters. “Yes and no. I was talking to my daughter Alice on the phone. She is visiting next week”, stepmom says. “Did you say nice things about me?”, he asks mischievously. “Are you trying to make a good impression?”, she counters. “Can you blame me?”, Alex wonders.
“It’s so funny – I see so much of your father in your eyes”, stepmom says. “I hate that”, he replies. “Why, he’s so handsome”, she maintains. “He’s a shitty dad and a shitty husband”, Alex says nastily. “Why is he never home?”, he continues. “He’s busy. Besides, it gives me time to do my own thing”, she notes. “While you’re doing your own thing, did you ever cheat on dad?”, Alex asks. “Why would you ask that?”, stepmom wonders.
“No, no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m just saying, look at you -you’re gorgeous. If you were my wife I honestly wouldn’t let you be outside without a turtleneck sweater -I don’t care even if it was 90 degree weather. Just saying, I would never let you be alone”, Alex blurts out. “Well, I better go -I have some errands to run”, stepmom announces. “Yeah, right”, he responds, and she leaves the kitchen.
Later on, Alex is standing in her bedroom when stepmom returns, carrying bags of shopping purchases. “Hey” he yells, and she is startled, saying “What are you doing?”. “I was just waiting for you”. “You scared me”. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it. Let me help you”. They both reach for a sweater she’s taken out of a shopping bag, and he moves close to her. “Look, I won’t tell anyone”, he claims. She puts the sweater in a drawer and announces: “I’m your mother”. “No, you’re my stepmother”, he corrects her. “That doesn’t make it right”, she asserts.
“Ever since you married my dad I just thought of us. I wanted to be with you. I just never thought you felt the same way about me”, Alex confesses. “What makes you think I do?”, she asks. “I heard you on the phone”, Alex says. Stepmom is aghast: “That was a private conversation!”, she asserts. “Really, me and my dad never had a conversation like that before”, Alex argues. “Well, it’s different for a mother and a daughter. I mean, we’re much more closer”, stepmom says.
“So what’d she say?”, Alex asks. “She just laughed”. “Why?”, he wonders. “I mean I’m her mother. I guess it’s weird a guy the same age as her is into me”, stepmom says. He smiles and says: “If she’s anything like you” and he grabs her waist. “You inspire me”, he whispers as they kiss. “No, I can’t do this”, stepmom recoils. “I’m just not that type of woman”. “Don’t think, just tell me how you feel”, Alex insists. He grabs stepmom’s ass and they kiss again.”Your kisses -so soft”, she says. “Your lips -so soft”, he murmurs. Stepmom says: “Been forever since I had a kiss like that”. Watch the romance unfold…


Rachael Cavalli - My Sons Desires Pt 1

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