Princess DiDi - Mom, from whom did you get pregnant

Princess DiDi – Mom, from whom did you get pregnant

Scene 1: Bedroom/ Bathroom You are in your bedroom undressing. You don’t notice that I am watching you. You strip naked and wrap a towel around your naked body. You leave the room and go into the bathroom. I walk into your room and grab your panties that you just removed. I smell them and walk over to the bathroom door. I look into the bathroom and see you showering. I jerk off with your panties while I watch you shower. When you are finished, you walk out of the shower and dry yourself. You wrap the towel around your body and get ready to leave the bathroom. Scene 2: Bedroom You are in your bedroom. I am still watching you. You put on a sexy bra and panties. Then I walk into your room. You are startled at first and try to cover yourself with your arms. You tell me I should knock before walking into mommy’s room. I offer you a glass of water again. You thank me and ask me to leave so you can finish getting dressed. I walk out of the room, but continue watching you without you noticing. You the glass and start feeling tired. You lay down on the bed and fall into a deep. I walk into the room and start groping your tits and your body while you. Next I slip my cock into your mouth and start sliding it in and out. I keep fucking your mouth for a short time. Then I climb on top of you and start fucking your pussy in missionary. I wrap your legs around my waist and fuck you deep. I grope and fondle your tits as I fuck you. Then I cum deep inside your pussy, wanting to make you pregnant. After I empty my balls inside you, I leave you on the bed, full of my cum. You wake up later without remembering anything. You are confused and wondering why you are naked. Scene 3: Bedroom You are on the phone with my dad. You are wearing sexy, revealing underwear. I am watching you but you don’t notice. You are talking about your plans tonight. You ask him why he isn’t coming tonight. You say that he is never home and now you will spend the night alone again. You hang up the phone and you are upset. I walk into the room and ask what happened. You say that daddy is not coming home again tonight. You realize you are wearing only your sexy underwear and try to cover yourself with your arms. You apologize to me for wearing something so revealing. I give you some water to make you feel better. You accept it and. You say that you are so lucky to have such a caring son like me. Then you start getting tired. You lay down on the bed and fall. I grope you and fuck you missionary on the bed. When I’m ready to cum, I push my dick deep inside you and cum really deep. When I finish cumming, I slide my cock into your mouth to clean it. While I am using your mouth, my dick is hard again. I lift your legs and start fucking you missionary again. I fuck you really hard this time, pushing all my cum deeper inside you. Soon I cum deep inside you again, releasing all my sperm. I leave you on the bed full of my cum. Scene 4: Living Room You are on the phone with your friend again. You say that your pd is late and you feel strange. Your friend says you should take a pregnancy test. You laugh and say there is no way you could be pregnant. You haven’t been with your husband for months. Your friend says it could be from your son. You laugh again and say that is impossible. You hang up the phone. You think about it for a second and decide to take the test. Scene 5: Bathroom You are alone in the bathroom holding a pregnancy test. You are waiting for the results. You are nervous. Then you see the results. The test is positive. You are pregnant. You are confused and don’t understand how it happened. Then you realize your friend might be right about your son…


Princess DiDi - Mom, from whom did you get pregnant

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