Pink Drip - Mommy's Jealous of Your Girlfriend

Pink Drip – Mommy’s Jealous of Your Girlfriend

You barge into my room with some outrageous news…how DARE you get a girlfriend without Mommy’s permission!! I get extremely jealous with just the thought of you getting pleasure from another woman, so I decide to show you what you’ll be missing if you pick your good for nothing girlfriend over your smoking hot Mommy! Mommy knows best and she knows EXACTLY how to get your dick hard. You start by eating her ass and pussy from behind (close ups) while she teases and taunts you about your new girl, then we get to the REAL fun! I suck the cock that I made before you start fucking the womb you came out of (Mix of POV Virtual and Penetration) I talk extra dirty and taboo to you while also gaslighting you about your new bitch!! The mix of dirty talk and Mommy’s riding skills leaves you hopeless, destined to cum inside the womb that popped you out! I hope you change your mind about that new girlfriend…what will she think once she finds out you’re a Mommy Fucker???


Pink Drip - Mommy's Jealous of Your Girlfriend

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