Olivia Rose - Panty Shopping With Step Mommy

Olivia Rose – Panty Shopping With Step Mommy

“My sweet boy, I need to talk to you, it’s okay, no you aren’t in trouble, but I am curious, so, you just came out, so proud of you, um, okay, this is awkward, it is obvious that you have tried on my panties. No, don’t get all embarrassed and closed off. I want to talk about this. Help me understand. Oh, your new boyfriend said you might look sexy in panties? OH! I think I understand. First off, shame on you for digging out my dirty panties to try them on. Uh, yea I noticed, they were stretched out, and you left pre-cum stains in them, Mr. CSI. If you want to see my panties or have questions to come to me. There are good ways to be a dirty little perv, and there are bad ways to be a dirty little perv. Let’s use this as a teachable moment, no more being a dirty little perv. But, panties, I get it, you are a bottom, which makes about the most sense in the world. And panties are for those of us who like to be penetrated. It sends a message to everyone who sees them, and the only people that see them are the people you are about to….you know, penetrate you. One day, when we’ve had too much sangria, I want to hear all about how it feels to have a cock in your ass when you have a prostate. Obviously, you can’t wear your step-mom’s panties, dirty boy, but we can get you some of your own. Really! We can go together, and no, don’t be shy! I will be right there with you, to help, give some advice. The malls are empty right now. We are just going to mask up, see? Even more anonymity. We’re going to mask up, go to the mall, and we’ll find a cute little sales girl and tell her my beautiful boy is a gay bottom and needs some panties to sort of match his new, out, and proud personality. I’m sure she’ll ask you what type of men you want to attract and why kind of styles you prefer, she’ll want to get to know you to help you find the right style. Oh! Finding the right style is so important, she’ll need to know if you like to give blow jobs on your knees or with him lying down because your lover will have different views in different positions we need to find the style that will always look their best. She’ll need to know if you like to take your panties off during sex or be dirty little gay bottom and have him pull your panties to the side as he slides his cock in your cute little bum. Are you an ass-up sort of guy, or do you like to your ankles upon his shoulders? Don’t be embarrassed about the questions. If it helps you not feel embarrassed, I will answer all the same questions. Then we’ll go into the dressing room and try them on, you, me, and the salesgirl. Oh, who cares if they are going to see you naked. You are beautiful, and it isn’t like you are flirting. Would you care if they got naked? Hun, I say this because I love you not to be mean, but you aren’t in ‘the girls club,’ but you are in the ‘taking a dick’ club, and part of that means we are comfortable being naked around each other. So we’ll try on some different styles. You’ll need to get on your knees like you are giving a blow job. You’ll need to get down on all fours to see how they look when you are ass up. But, before we go, no leaking pre-cum in the panties, so go rub one out. Go on, and if you leak pre-cum into the panties, it will be a whole thing. Imagine your boyfriend seeing you in panties for the first time. Maybe something lacy, your cock sort of visible for the lace, he just pulls it to the side to suck your dick first? He turns you on then gives himself to you? Ooohhh, that seems to be doing the trick……Oh, fine, one time, I know you have a pair of my panties in your room. You can use them to help get you off one more time but then no more. Go cum for me, honey, then we are going shopping.”


Olivia Rose - Panty Shopping With Step Mommy

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