Olivia Harper - Tongue Mommy's Dirty Unwashed Holes

Olivia Harper – Tongue Mommy’s Dirty Unwashed Holes

Mommy comes to check on you in bed, and sees that your still up. She chides you and asks why you haven’t gone to bed yet, but then she sees the problem. Don’t worry, being too “excited” to go to bed is normal for young men and Mommy knows just how to help! She sweetly tells you that she knows something that will give you some relief… and it feels good for Mommy too. Mommy’s had a loooong day, and she just knows that you would love sniffing, licking, and eating her dirty, unwashed holes. She makes you promise not to tell your father and tells you to move over so she can get in bed too. She bends over so you can see her big, juicy ass covered in paper-thin leggings. As she arches her bag and wiggles her fat ass in front of your face, you can see her little panties right through the fabric! She encourages you to lean in and sniff the scent of her ass deeply. She then pulls the leggings down to reveal her dirty, lacy, white panties. You can see how they’re wedged between her thick ass cheeks and have been resting snugly in her crack all day long. The scent is even stronger, and you can see her untrimmed hair and pussy lips peeking out. When she finally peels off her panties, you can finally see what you’ve been obsessed over for so long: Mommy’s dirty, hairy, unwashed, filthy asshole. She tells you to use your tongue and taste. She spreads, jiggles, and winks her hole for you. She makes sure you get as close as possible so you can see, feel, smell, and taste exactly how filthy her perfectly nasty hole is. Once you’ve had your fill of Mommy’s hole, she sees how excited it’s made you and decides to help her boy finally get some relief! She strokes your little cock and says dirty things about her holes. “You love Mommy’s stinky holes don’t you? Look how hard they made your little penis!” She can tell it’s all too much for you and you need to cum. She counts you down, stroking you until the very last second, and then assures you that you’ll do it all over again tomorrow.


Olivia Harper - Tongue Mommy's Dirty Unwashed Holes

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