Nicole Nabors - Your Dads Calling

Nicole Nabors – Your Dads Calling

Your mom wakes up beside you after a nap. She asks if you slept well? She leans in for a hug, realizing you have a hard on. She asks if you had a naughty dream? Perhaps a naughty dream about mommy? She begins stroking you softly. She tells you she knows how excited he gets when he sees mommy naked in the shower or changing. She tells you she knows exactly what boys at your age are doing, sneaking peeks at their mom even though they are supposed to see women naked. Especially not your mother. But she knows you jerk off to your mom afterwards, thinking about her big tits, wanting to suck on them while she jerks you in your fantasy. Or thinking about fucking your mom. Do you wanna stick it inside mommy, and suck on her tits like a baby to feel good? Your mom climbs on top of you and slowly slides your cock inside. She rides you, telling you how good of a boy you are. Then she gets a call from your dad. Shes out of breathe and he wonders why. He asks if she’s fucking someone? Perhaps their son? This kind of turns him on. She goes along with it and tells her husband what she would do to their son, not knowing that shes really doing what shes talking about..


Nicole Nabors - Your Dads Calling

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