MoRina - Mom Dishes Out Humiliation

MoRina – Mom Dishes Out Humiliation

(POV) You’ve just gotten a bare-butt spanking from your dad, in front of guests and everything. You’re in your bedroom, sulking and nursing your bruised ego. Your mom comes in with some nice cooling lotion to put on your red, sore behind. She tries super hard to be sympathetic, but you can tell she thinks you deserved what you got for being caught jerking off, sniffing stolen panties. And she really can’t help laughing at your little pee pee being on display for everyone. You protest, but she pulls out a measuring tape and proves just how tiny your little penis is. And laughs about it… oh how hard she is laughing. So, your mom loves you and even though she is having a good laugh at your expense, she devises a plan so you can sniff a pair of panties to your heart’s content. She removes her own and shoves them in your face. All of a sudden, your little pee pee starts getting hard and it starts her back to fits of laughter as she measures it again and mocks you all over again.


MoRina - Mom Dishes Out Humiliation

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