Mommy Is Your Christmas Present - Kitty LeRoux

Mommy Is Your Christmas Present – Kitty LeRoux

After coming back from your dad’s place, your mom wants to talk to you about the presents earlier. “Sweety, I love what you got me but…mommy can’t wear this outside of her..bedroom.” She also noticed how disappointed you were after opening all of your presents. “I feel like I missed something.” Your mom is such a sweetheart, but she doesn’t know the one thing you’ve been aching for all year long has been her…that is until she finds out. “I was looking on your computer for hints of something I may have missed…” and that’s all it took for you to turn red in the face. You think your Christmas is ruined, until your mom starts unzipping her jacket and sliding her own pants off to reveal the present you got her. “Mommy can be your present this year. You wrapped me up so nicely. I feel so sexy and pretty.” Her boobs are huge, she’s beautiful, and she’s giving herself to you..your own mother. Moans escape from her red lips as she gets on top of you. “I didn’t know this would feel so good.” Seems mommy has been lonely during the holiday. She reveals she wants this to be the best present ever…so she wants you to cum in her. When you woke up this morning, you never expected mommy to be your Christmas present.

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Mommy Is Your Christmas Present - Kitty LeRoux

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