Mommy Caught You Spying, A Forbidden Fantasy - Xev Bellringer

Mommy Caught You Spying, A Forbidden Fantasy – Xev Bellringer

Your mother comes into your bedroom, wearing only a lacy pair of bra and panties. Her hands gently caress your body through the covers to wake you. She knows what you are hiding, your dirty little secret. What you had been up to that night. Every night. Standing outside her bedroom door… listening to your mother and father having sex.
She is so loving, so gentle. You did nothing wrong, after all a boy your age has only one thing on his mind. Her body presses against yours as she moves in under the sheets. You can’t help it, you want her… and she knows it. Your mother straddles and lays down on top of you, soft breasts pooling on your chest… her face inches from yours. She wants you to admit it, your secret. That you imagine fucking your own mother.
You can’t imagine anything else in that moment. Her body rubs on yours, every little movement and bounce making your cock grow harder and harder against her. Your mother has a secret too… she imagines fucking you when she’s with your father. In fact… she’s thinking about it RIGHT NOW. Her hand squeezes your throbbing cock… strokes it… and slips you into her wet pussy.

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Mommy Caught You Spying, A Forbidden Fantasy - Xev Bellringer

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