Mistress MaryJan - Step Mom Catches Step Son Jerking Off

Mistress MaryJan – Step Mom Catches Step Son Jerking Off

Custom Clips Request (Using the name Peter): The clip theme is going to be StepMom/Stepson JOI/SPE. Essentially, you walk in on me your stepson and you catch me jerking off my small (not tiny cock). I’m shy/embarassed by it. But you tell me its OK and you want to watch me and help my small dick cum. You show me your tits and your ass (twerk & spread). You tell me you love my small cock and watching me stroke it turns you on. Please say my name as much as you can. Eventually you get turned on by me stroking my small dick for you so you decide to show me your pussy and ass and start playing with yourself, saying u wish you had my small cock in you. If you happen to be on your back, please show your feet too luv. At the end of the video you want us to cum together. So say something like “i want ur small dick 2 cum peter” “im going to cum peter. lets cum together. jerk off faster honey. cum now peter cum”.


Mistress MaryJan - Step Mom Catches Step Son Jerking Off

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