Missbehavin26 - Mom son - fuk the hole he came from

Missbehavin26 – Mom son – fuk the hole he came from

Dirty talk incst at its finest It’s Just like kissing son Scene 1: Clip opens with the mother in the bathtub shaving her pussy and legs. Son come into the bathroom quietly. She looks up and smiles coyly, becomes more seductive as she finishes and proceeds get out and dry herself. She starts to rub lotion on her body, legs and thighs, putting on a bit of a show. She looks at him and says: “Its; you again, haven’t you had enough of watching your mother this week? Did you like watching mother shave her pussy? Do you like your mother’s pretty pussy? Earlier this week I let you watch me insert a tampon in my pussy during my . I showed you my pussy up close and explained the female reproductive system to you. You got a little excited and your pecker got hard. I told you that was wrong baby. Now you’re watching me shave my pretty little pussy and you’re getting hard again. It’s wrong for you be lusting like this over your mother’s body.” As she finishes up in the bathroom) She says to him to now go wait for her in her bedroom. That she has to pee and no he cannot watch. (Scene Ends) Scene 2: Mother comes into the bedroom in a towel and proceeds to talk to her son who is in there already: ” “Oh my god son, you have a big boner in your pants! Did looking at your mother’s bald pussy in the bathroom do that? My son getting hard for his own mother. (She takes off her towel and starts putting on sexy panties and a sexy nightgown as she continues to talk to him). “I notice that these things always happen, you constantly getting a hard-on and following me around, looking at my naked body every chance you get, when I’ve finished my priod and I’m in my fertile cycle. It must be mother’s scent.” Do you masturbate fantasizing about your own mother? Does mom’s Pheromones turn you on? Or is it her body, or both? Do you have lustful, incstuous thoughts about your mother? I bet you smell mother’s ovulating pussy don’t you.” (She now moves to the bed and sits right in front of him) She says: You can look at mommy while she touches herself and plays with her wet pussy but you cannot touch. You can take your penis out and stroke it to mother’s body. (She starts to get turned on and starts playing with herself, rubbing her pussy and parting her wet pussy lips and touching her clit). She says: “Does this turn you on? It’s ok baby as long as we don’t touch each other it is not incst. Have you ever thought or fantasized about fucking your own mother? Fucking the hole you came out of? Going back into your mother’s womb?” (After a couple of minutes of them masturbating in front of each other she moves on top of him, still in her nightgown and panties. She pulls her panties aside and starts rubbing her wet pussy on his bare dick. close-up on pussy and cock touching) She says: “Don’t worry baby, it’s still not incst unless your cock goes inside my pussy.” (Now the panties come off and the rubbing continues for a minute) She says: It’s still not incst, we are just touching skin to skin. It’s like mother and son kissing. It’s just like kissing son.” (Then she sinks his cocks inside and rides him cowgirl. Front view of you with face close-ups as you talk) Saying: “All this inst talk and taboo play made me so horny I couldn’t help it baby. Now we are committing inst. Mother and son incst. This is so hot because it’s so forbidden. You know I’m ovulating and very fertile right now. Oh, you just got even harder and deeper into me. Does the thought of impregnating your mother turn you on that much? Do you want to fill me my fertile pussy with your seed baby? That’s so wrong! Taboo breeding.” (Focus on mom’s body and close-ups of pussy as well during sex. Face close-ups as she dirty taboo talks). She gets off and lays on her back. She says as she’s laying down and opening her legs: “Now come here son and taste the sweet inctuous nectar right from the source. Straight from mother’s pussy. Get what you’ve been craving so much. Drnk my honey from the hole you came out of.” (She guides him as he licks). She says: “How does your mother taste? Does she taste like family?” (Then fucking resumes in missionary. She continues to dirty taboo talk). Saying : “Come to mother baby. Come back and put your penis into my incstuous pussy. Deep inside you own mother’s vagina.“ You love fucking your mother. I love feeling you inside me. Deep inside me. I can feel your heartbeat through your cock. Your heartbeat is inside me again baby. Give me that bareback inst dick. Does it turn you on to think about breeding your mother’s ovulating pussy? Fertilizing the same womb that carried you.” (She starts cumming. Facial expressions of ecstasy) “ Let’s enjoy the sweet pleasures of inst son. Cum with mother. Cum in your mother. Yes baby Give me your seed, your instuous seed. Shoot your sperm deep inside your mother’s ovulating pussy.” (She cums and he comes inside. No cum shot or creampie)


Missbehavin26 - Mom son - fuk the hole he came from

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