Missbehavin26 - Episode 1 - Son is Home from College

Missbehavin26 – Episode 1 – Son is Home from College

Y to your first left”. You wait for Andy to leave and look at your son very irritated. You whisper angrily to your son, asking him what his friend is doing here. He tells you that his friend kind of invited himself. You are shocked at such a dumb response and ask him why he didn’t have the balls to say no. Your son doesn’t respond… you take a deep breath an say it’s fine. The two of you have to sneak it in when possible. You hear Andy coming out of the bathroom and tell your son that you’ll discuss later. Andy comes back and you tell them to go have fun, you’ll be in the bathroom. The scene cuts to a hidden camera view of your bathroom. You don’t notice the camera at all and strip into the lingerie you bought. You check yourself in the mirror and then call your son into the bathroom. You lie and say that you need help with a leaky pipe. Your son walks in and you immediately pull him in and close the door. You say the sexiest mommy-son dirty talk while pulling out his dick and sucking it. “You think your friend will stop mommy from loving you?”, “Mommy hasn’t cleaned your cock in so long, mommy misses it so much.”, “Mommy’s pussy has been waiting for you to fill it up.”, “Are the college girls treating you right baby? Do they fuck you like I do?”, “I bet your friend’s cock is not even close to yours baby, your dad couldn’t even satisfy me like you do.”. You follow up with the most passionate blowjob ever. You deep throat, you look your son dead in the eyes, you kiss the shaft over and over, you rub the dick all over your mouth and face, and you constantly suck the head so hard is makes a ‘pop’ sound. Your son cums and you swallow the whole load in your mouth. You get up and kiss your son. You tell him to come into your room after his friend falls aslep tonight. You say the the door will be unlocked, you will be blindfolded, and your legs will be wide open waiting for a big cock to fill it. You kiss him again and tell him to go back to his friend before he gets suspicious. THE END.


Missbehavin26 - Episode 1 - Son is Home from College

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