Mid-Term Blue Balls - Madisin lee

Mid-Term Blue Balls – Madisin lee

Hey baby, why are you not up and getting ready for school? You have you mid term exams this week.You can’t move? What do you mean? It hurts, what hurts? Oh, my , you have a big hard on. You want me to help you? I can’t do that, I’m your mother. Alright, I will help jerk you off but that is all I can do. You want me to put my mouth on it, ok, but no one can know about this. Its not working, ok, I will ride you for a few minutes, but we have to hurry! I ride you for a few minutes, and then I ride you reverse and finally you explode all over my ass. Good boy! Now you can get ready for school.

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Mid-Term Blue Balls - Madisin lee

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