Marceline Leigh - Mommy and Son Cuckolds Daddy

Marceline Leigh – Mommy and Son Cuckolds Daddy

“Good morning my sweet, sweet boy” Your mommy instantly greets you as you arise. It’s been a little while now since the two of you finally confessed your feelings for each other and became lovers, and it has been amazing. Waking up to her beautiful face and getting sweet, passionate morning kisses is the perfect way to start your day. You just love sharing a bed with her. The same bed that she used to share with your daddy before the two of you kicked him out and banished him to your old room. Mommy continues to sweet talk you and tell you just how turned on she is after having a very sexy dream with you in it and then getting up to see your handsome face. In between showering you with compliments, from how you are more of a man than your father to how amazing your body and cock is, she also showers you with kisses. Then, she is saying that she can’t wait any longer, she needs you to make love to her. But, she has a fun idea for you two to try out. This time, she wants to make your daddy watch as his son and ex-wife make love. She wants him to see how a real man pleasures a woman. She wants to cuckold him. Mommy then calls him into the room, humiliates him and makes him sit in the corner. She wants to start off your lovemaking session by sucking your hard dick, something she never used to do for daddy. Mommy just loves your cock, after all. It’s so thick, long, and rock hard. The perfect cock. She takes it into her mouth, sensually sucking it and licking it. It feels amazing to have her warm, wet mouth wrapped around your cock like this. And it is a lot of fun seeing her stop for a moment to humiliate your father even more. While sucking on your dick, your mommy gets another great idea. You two are going to take cucking daddy to another level. You two are going to turn him into a little bitch boy! And you’re going to do that by having him suck your cock just like mommy is doing, so that he can get it nice and wet for her pussy, and so he can see what a perfect cock looks like up close. Mommy has him crawl over to you on hands and knees and instructs him on how to suck her perfect boy’s perfect cock. As his mouth goes up and down on your shaft, you get to look right into your mommy’s beautiful eyes and kiss her. She stops your passionate kissing to scold him, since he is not taking all of your cock into his throat, and soon she has him deep throating your cock. Once your cock is nice and wet with his spit, mommy sends him back to the corner to watch as you two make love in the bed he used to share with her. You lay down as mommy straddles you, before lowering her dripping wet pussy onto your achingly hard cock. She bounces up and down, moaning in pleasure with how amazing it feels. The two of you make love like this for awhile as your pitiful cucked father watches, humiliated, until your mommy has you get on top. Spreading her legs wide for you as she lays back on the bed, you eagerly enter her again and begin to thrust fast and hard. You and your mommy keep on making passionate love and then you feel her pussy begin to tighten up around your dick. Then, she is cumming hard, moaning and writhing in ecstasy. Then, it’s time for you to cum. You ask her if you can cum inside of her, which she answers with “Yes, my sweetheart. Cum inside of me”. So you do. You shoot your huge load deep inside of her, making her cum again in the process. After the two of you have caught your breath, it’s time for your daddy to finish up with his cuck bitch duties. He’s going to clean your cum out of your mommy’s pussy with his tongue and swallow down all of it. **this was a custom video, message me to get your own**


Marceline Leigh - Mommy and Son Cuckolds Daddy

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