Madison Marz - Your Surprise Holiday Regression Present

Madison Marz – Your Surprise Holiday Regression Present

Happy Holidays sweetie! I’ve been waiting all year to surprise you with a very special gift! This particular present I have for you is going to be absolutely life changing for you but in the most perfect way! You and I both know you are always in the office until late at night completely overworking yourself. I spend a lot of my evenings alone here at home and even have to go to bed alone at night sometimes. The holidays are honestly the only time of year I look forward to because it’s the only time we actually get to spend together. That was one of the main reasons I figured this particular present would be absolutely perfect for both of us. I know deep down you absolutely hate your job and you want nothing more than to be able to spend more time with me. You and I both know we need your paycheck to pay the bills. What if I told you one of the surprises I have for you is that I’ve found a way to make double what you earn every year? I think I’ve said too much and I don’t want to ruin your holiday surprise! Before you open your present, let’s have a little toast to us and our exciting new future together! I promise you are going to love your present this year sweetie! By the way sweetie, my 3 best friends will be moving in with us for a very specific reason. Don’t ask too many questions, just open your present and you’ll find out exactly what I mean!


Madison Marz - Your Surprise Holiday Regression Present

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