Lovely Lilith - Mom Helps GF Stay Pure 1080p

Lovely Lilith – Mom Helps GF Stay Pure 1080p

Hi honey! I just got off the phone with your new girlfriend’s mom. We’ve scheduled a luncheon for this weekend! I have to say, her and I are both very excited about this new dating arrangement. Secretly, we’ve been rooting for you two to wind up together. Can you imagine? With our families combined? The lineage! Our family could wind up running the nation! I do have to say thouh, it’s no secret. That family has standards, and your girlfriend will be saving herself until marriage. I’d hate for you to break up over that… so… I think you should take care of it on the side, and continue to pursue her. Yes, really. But, I think you should keep it from becoming a scandal– it’ll need to be very secret. In fact, in-house. I’ll be the one to help you through those periods where you just ache to cum, but can’t. I’ll take good care of you until you get married.


Lovely Lilith - Mom Helps GF Stay Pure 1080p

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