Lily Lou - Mommy Son Toilet Slave Punishment

Lily Lou – Mommy Son Toilet Slave Punishment

Come in sweetie, mommy needs to talk to you about something!… Look, you can probably guess what it is. I’m holding your laptop after all. Jesus, all I wanted to do was check my Facebook and what do I find? It’s sh*t! As soon as I open up the browser I see women sh*tting! Not only that but in people’s mouths… I don’t know what to say to you right now. Did I fail you as a mother somehow? Why would you do this to me? Looking at this filth in my home? You should be ashamed of yourself! I should throw you out right now… But then you’d still ruin your life looking at that toilet porn wouldn’t you! Okay I’m your mother, it’s my job to fix this. You just need a healthy dose of reality. I’m going to show you just how disgusting all this is. You’re going to start by taking off your pants, then stick your finger in your mouth, and finally I want you to put it in your ass. Don’t be shy about it, you manage to play with yourself while watching girls using another person’s mouth as their toilet, you can finger your ass and jerk off in front of mommy. Good. Now I’m going to take off my clothes. Look, you’re going to see just what a women’s asshole is like. Take a good sniff. It’s not feminine and nice smelling, it’s dirty and it stinks. That’s the hole that I sh*t from. Do you get it yet? Just how disgusting this is!? —- in this vid I tell you to sniff and lick my asshole while shaming you for your toilet slavery kink. I tell you that to really teach you a lession that you’ll be everyone’s toilet the next time I cuck your father and have my bulls fuck all my holes. You’re going to be eating sh*t off their cocks after they fuck my asshole. Eating everyone’s sh*t and piss etc. At the end of the video I give you instructions to taste and eat your own sh*t (No actual toilet stuff in the vid btw, it’s all just being mean to you and showing you my butthole)


Lily Lou - Mommy Son Toilet Slave Punishment

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