Lilith Enkur - Step Mommy Wants You To Stay

Lilith Enkur – Step Mommy Wants You To Stay

My husband wants to send you away to boarding school. He thinks you’re not pulling your weight around here and you need to grow up. We can’t let that happen. We’re just starting to get so close and I would miss our sweet bonding moments. We need a plan to keep you here. Yes, I guess you could talk to him but I don’t think that would do any good. We need a reason for you to be here, to help me with things, something that needs some extra hands. Now would be the perfect time for me to get pregnant. He’s too cheap to hire a nanny and would let you stay to help out just to save the money. His sperm isn’t so potent these days though and it could take forever for him to knock me up. But you’re young, your seed is probably virile and it wouldn’t take any time to impregnate me. I know we haven’t been this close before but it is the next step for us. I was going to wait a bit but we need to do this now. You want to stay, don’t you? You want to help me, don’t you? Then let’s make a baby together.


Lilith Enkur - Step Mommy Wants You To Stay

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