Lady Fyre and Cherie DeVille - The Initiation 1080p

Lady Fyre and Cherie DeVille – The Initiation 1080p

Cherie & Olivia are two women in a matriarchal cult where the men are treated as sex slaves but are also treated well. In this cult, the women train their male offspring to be sexual servants for the women. They first go through training with their stepmothers, then they are tested, and if they are deemed worthy, they are accepted into the cult. Today Olivia is presenting her stepson to another matriarch, Cherie, for judgement.
Cherie begins the ceremony. “Today you present him to be tested. Thank you for your service and for training him to be a member.” Olivia responds, “Thank you matriarch for allowing me to train him in our ways and for testing his worthiness.” Olivia strips her stepson while Cherie strips out of her clothes, down to her lingerie. She begins to give the young one a blowjob. “We’re in desperate need of another young cock. Let’s see what he can take.” Olivia joins in on the blowjob, and together the matriarchs take advantage of this test. In honoring one another’s bodies, Cherie & Olivia quickly begin devouring one another. Cherie wraps her stocking-covered feet around Laz’s cock for a footjob, while eating Olivia’s pussy.
In the bedroom, Olivia & Cherie worship one another’s bodies before turning their attention to their initiant. Olivia warms up Cherie by going down on her. Then Cherie tests the initiant’s cock by riding it while Olivia offers encouraging words. They take turns trying out their newest member’s cock.
Then he is ready to prove that he can sew seed to increase the fold. He cums inside Olivia as she rides. Cherie makes sure that the yield is good & tastes it. “Sweet as sugar. You should be so proud of your boy. Today you become a member. You are released from your stepmotherā€™s care & you enter the service of the matriarchs.”


Lady Fyre and Cherie DeVille - The Initiation 1080p

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