knightfetish - Helena Price Mom Fucks Virgin Son

knightfetish – Helena Price Mom Fucks Virgin Son

Hey sweetie, I know this may be a little awkward but I felt like we needed to have a discussion. I don’t know if you’ve had the talk about sex but I grabbed some of your fathers’ DVDs and I felt like we could watch them together and I could explain a few things and you’ll be ready to be a grown-up in the world. (Son insinuates he wants to have sex with his mom) Wait…no we can’t do that, we’re going to watch what’s on the DVDs. Well, you’re right, I mean at your age I’m sure you’ve already seen pornos I just don’t know how far physically I can go with you. What if someone found out…it could be a disaster. (Son try’s again his advancement on his mom) Don’t try to charm me telling me how beautiful I am. (Son insinuates he needs to know more from his mom) So you have never seen the parts in person…do you think thats really going to make you prepared? (Son nods yes). No, I don’t wear panties all the time. (Mom takes her dress off and son sees her bush and breast) This is what a grown woman looks like, do you like my breast? You know you had your mouth on these breasts a long time ago. (Mom giggles and climbs into bed with son) God, you are rock solid hard, I remember when your father was horny all the time like this. You’re shaking, I can’t tell if its because you are nervous or excited. (Son looks down at mom’s vagina) You once came out of here, now you want back in, don’t you. I’m going to take your cock and rub it up and down my pussy. (Mom rides son cowgirl until switching to doggy, after doggy son reveals to mom he already came) Wait, you came already…I’ve gotta get this out of me!


knightfetish - Helena Price Mom Fucks Virgin Son

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