Kendra James and Goddess Brianna - Futa Family

Kendra James and Goddess Brianna – Futa Family

Aunt Brianna has talked to you’re step-mother Kendra about how she’s unsatisfied with the fact that her husband can’t completely take her monster cock and can’t even suck it properly, so her sex life has become so boring and she’s left unsatisfied and horny with giant blue balls. Step-Mommy Kendra thinks she might have a solution. They come into your room and both both greet you, aunt Brianna catches you staring at her huge bulge, but tells you it’s ok to watch as she starts grabbing it and touching it over her yoga pants. Kendra starts talking about your dick sucking skills to her and mentions the fact you can even deep throat her massive cock. She begins to grab and rub her bulge too, getting horny just talking about your cock sucking technique and how good you are at making her futa dick cum. In fact she doesn’t even need her husband anymore. Aunt Brianna is a bit skeptical, she doesn’t think you can take hers, especially in the ass. Step-Mom says that she never tried your ass and that her sweet boy is still a virgin, but bets you can. She’s very proud of your futa sucking skills and they can warm you up before sliding their massive members in your virgin hole. In fact, she so horny now talking about it that she tells you it’s time to open up and suck for step-mommy. Show auntie how good you are. They take turns with your mouth and Brianna’s cock is so big you can barely fit it in, but you try to impress her and swallow it down your throat while she moans and fucks your face.


Kendra James and Goddess Brianna - Futa Family

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