Kelly Payne - Mommy's Little Vampire

Kelly Payne – Mommy’s Little Vampire

Mom finally comes home early next morning; she went out last night for a Halloween party having no idea the night would end this way. She looks sad, and as though she’s been crying. She tells you a woman bit her at the party, she thought it was simply playful fun, but she soon found out vampires are actually real, and now that she’s become one, she has to change you. She can’t live without you, and she knows you couldn’t survive without her being just a young boy. Mommy promises to protect you & care for you always, encouraging you to nurse from her breasts after biting you. She somberly speaks to you as you nurse, and eventually tells you how you are now hers and you both belong to them, the vampires that made you. She demands you allow her to place a collar around your neck, that is connected to nipple clamps. Mom struggles with the thought of you changing and continues to comfort you trying to keep you awake as long as possible before the change begins, awaking as mommy’s little vampire concubine.


Kelly Payne - Mommy's Little Vampire

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