Kathia Nobili - Only Mommy Can Take Your Huge Rockwood

Kathia Nobili – Only Mommy Can Take Your Huge Rockwood

My baby boy…what is wrong with you??? You know, you can tell mommy anything…anything!!! Ok…so what is the problem in the school??? Why the other guys making fun of you??? Just tell me!!! Awww….sweetie…you don’t have to be ashamed that you are still virgin!!! Mommy is sure…you just….you are such a good boy and there is nothing wrong that you are waiting for your girl!!! WHAT?!!! What do you mean you don’t??? Then…I don’t understand honey…you want to have sex…but you can’t?!!! Come on my baby…just tell me already…what is the problem then?!! Every girl i scared of your dick? It i really so big???….Well sweetie…mommy loves you so much…and there is no thing…I would not do for you…so just show it to me! I can say…if it’s monster or not!!! OWW…WOW…I never saw such a huge cock!!! I’m not surprised…the girls in your age…get scared by THIS!!! It’s amazing BIG DICK!!! Don’t worry my baby…mommy is here for you!!!…And if your virginity bother you so much…we will do something about it…TOGETHER!!! Don’t worry…MOMMY can take your huge rock wood!!! Let mommy take care of you my son!


Kathia Nobili - Only Mommy Can Take Your Huge Rockwood

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