kateskurves - Let Mommy Show you

kateskurves – Let Mommy Show you

You’re in big trouble little guy…your mom just walked in on you doing the most naughty things! You’re nervous she will ground you and hope she doesnt see her panties clutched tightly in your little hands as you hide under her blankets on her bed. You shouldn’t even be in here and now your penis hurts because you don’t know what you’re doing. But mommy says its ok she said you’re not in trouble at all.. she just wants you to tell her the truth and then it stays between you and her..daddy will never know. Mommy lifts the blanket up and sees your sore looking penis and decides to give you a full blown tutorial on how to properly masturbate complete with JOI. Dadd will never know..it’ll be our little secret.


kateskurves - Let Mommy Show you

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