K and J - Mommy will take what she wants Sshhhh

K and J – Mommy will take what she wants Sshhhh

You crawl into bed with me, show me the strap on and talking to me, letting me see the strap on. You tell me you’re going to fuck me… Then flip me over, camera facing headboard, camera moves back and forth with your thrusts as you r a. p. e me. Grunts in my ear until you get what you want. When you get into bed with me, tell me you know it’s going to hurt. Tell me you don’t care it’s going to hurt. Include lines +You didn’t care, you loved the fact I’d been r. a. p. e. d so now it’s your turn to see how it feels +Sssshhhhhh no one can hear you, its you and mommy….. Mommy will take what she wants when she wants. +Mommy loves taking what you don’t want to give +really want you to tell me to shut up and take it like a bitch camera to move back and forth when you thrust into me, while I’m facing the headboard.


K and J - Mommy will take what she wants Sshhhh

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