Jocelyn Baker - Mommys Friend Helps You Out

Jocelyn Baker – Mommys Friend Helps You Out

Mommy threw a pool party for your sister and her friends. You tried to hang out with them but seeing those cheerleaders in bikinis got your dick too hard. You run down to your room to hide it and within minutes your mom’s best friend is calling for you. She enters your bedroom to see you looking anxious. You know you can talk to her about ANYTHING! Okay..well, here it goes. You tell her all about your boner and at first she chuckles. That’s nothing to be concerned about! It’s completely natural for a boy like yourself to get a boner seeing all those hot girls. She pauses for a moment before suggesting she can help you. She knows just what you need. She tells you to pull down your swim trunks, suddenly she gets on her knees and reveals her big soft boobies. Shh, don’t look so shy! It’s alright. She takes your dick into her mouth and gently sucks you, playing with you and making you throb. A boy like yourself deserves more then a blowjob though. She pushes you back on the bed and mounts you, riding slowly at first and then so fast and intense that she cums all over you. You’re positive you’re about to cum too but she stops you. Your mom would freak if you got her pregnant, so her mouth will have to do. She gets back on her knees and sucks you until you explode in her mouth. She shows off the massive load before swallowing with a giggle. Alright sweetie, all taken care of! Now let’s clean up and get back to that party!

Jocelyn Baker - Mommys Friend Helps You Out

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