Jessica Starling - Vampire Mommy Virtual Sex

Jessica Starling – Vampire Mommy Virtual Sex

A slow fucking scene on your side while showing all the way from your head to pussy. I was hoping the aspect would appear as cuddled up next to you while still showing your body. It’s a loving, gentle mommy vampire video POV. You and your young son are very close, but you’ve just been turned into a vampire unexpectedly. Your son would never make it on his own so you have to make him one too, which means he’ll also have to become your lover forever. You are lying naked on your side and you call your son in and pretend to have him lay down infront of you. You gently explain whats happened and what you have to do to him, and how he’s going to be mommy’s lover forever. Mommy’s going to handle handle everything because he doesn’t know anything, and this talk has made you both hot. You pretend to bite him somehow and then you put his penis inside and slow fuck him/have him suck on your tits while he changes for the rest of the video. There is a lot of loving Mommy talk for the rest of the video about how much you love him and will always keep him safe, how he will be your baby boy forever.


Jessica Starling - Vampire Mommy Virtual Sex

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