The Story Your talking with your son. your wearing a short skirt with a thong on and a blouse that shows alot of cleavage. While talking you turn around and bend over a little bit and your son begins looking up your skirt without you noticing. You do this a couple times and your son keeps sneaking looks up your skirt and around the 3rd time or so, your son stares up your skirt too long and you suddenly notice what he’s doing. You get mad at your son and begin scolding him for looking up your skirt. While telling him how wrong it is to look at you like that, you notice your son has a hard on. You ask him what is that? is your cock hard for your mother, stop that young man. Your son then begins to beg you and asks if he can look at your ass in your thong. You get angry at your son for asking you such a thing. Your son begs saying just this once, your so annoyed and tell him no but he won’t stop asking. Then he asks if he can see your tits at least and you get angry and tell him what’s wrong with him your his mother. You reluctantly agree and say fine and you take out your tits and tell him here look at your moms tits pervert. Afterwards your son keeps insisting to see your ass, you’ve had enough and decide to cave in and you tell him ok just this once. You turn around bend over and show your son your ass in a thong. Your angry at him telling him you cant believe your doing this. Then your son asks if you can spread your ass while he masturbates while looking at your ass, your disgusted and tell him no but he wont stop so you just let him. Your son takes his cock out and you see it and tell him you cant believe your son wants to masterbate to his mothers ass. You stop paying attention at your son that you don’t see him when he suddenly grabs you by the hips and slides over your thong and puts his cock in your pussy. Your so angry and tell him is his penis inside your pussy and you tell him to take it out young man. Your son won’t quit and your angry telling him this is so wrong you cant believe your own son is fucking you. Then when you think your son is done when he finally pulls out, he actually takes his cock out and puts it in your ass. Your even angrier now and ask him did you just put your cock inside your mothers ass. You tell him he’s in so much trouble when this is done. Then your son starts moving faster and you tell him dont you dare cum inside your mothers ass but he doesn’t listen and crampies you. He pulls out and you turn around with your tits out and scold him for what he did and tell him to go to his room.



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