Jaybbgirl - Impregnate Mommy

Jaybbgirl – Impregnate Mommy

Hey sweetie, could you come here for a sec? — Hey honey, so how are things going? Your college classes going well? That’s good. Yeah, I called you in here because I need some help. You know, I umm, I haven’t been fucked in a while. Mommy has needs that have to be met. You’ve been gone all the time and you’re finally home, I figured I should ask. Let’s lay down? It’ll be so much more comfy. — See, this is much better. Fuck, it’s hot. Do you mind if Mommy takes her shirt off? You don’t have to look at my tits…They’re are also just so sore. I try massaging them, but it doesn’t help. Do you think you could try? It’s just massaging Mommy’s tits, it helps me a lot. Thank you sweetie. I’m sorry if I moan, it just feels so good…The thing that Mommy really needs and wants is for you to get me pregnant. I want a baby. I need a cock in my pussy to make me feel amazing and then to shoot their load deep inside me. Will you get Mommy pregnant, will you put a baby in my belly?


Jaybbgirl - Impregnate Mommy

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