Jane Cane - Mom Takes Son's Virginity

Jane Cane – Mom Takes Son’s Virginity

Mom Takes Son’s Virginity – Mom and her son have always been close. They have a great relationship and she is proud that her son confides everything in her. He never hides things from her or keeps secrets, but she is a little surprised when her son comes in the kitchen to tell her that he is having a hard time with his girlfriend. They want to start fooling around with one another, but he’s scared that he will blow his load too quickly and asks mom’s advice. Mom suggests that he take care of business right before the date so that when sexy time happens, he won’t be shooting his load prematurely. He goes into the bathroom to try mom’s technique, but can’t get up to the task. Their internet is out! He asks mom for help. He wants to look at her in her bra and panties, it’s basically a bathing suit! She hesitates, but gives in. She only wants to help her son. She has him cumming all over his hands in no time and he is off to see his girlfriend! The next day, mom is in the bathroom getting dressed when her son barges in on her. She is angry with him, but soon realizes that he needs her help again. He has to leave for his date in just 5 minutes and he can’t cum. He is hard as a rock seeing mom in her bra and panties again and pleads for his mother to take care of it for him. Mom reminds him that they can’t speak about this to anyone else and her son understands. Mom gets on her knees in the bathroom and quickly strokes her son’s cock until he cums all over her legs. She reminds him that he should warn a girl before cumming on her like that! He apologizes and rushes off to see his girlfriend. A few days later, mom is working on the couch when her son comes in. He needs some advice. He says that he and his girlfriend have been discussing oral sex and he is nervous because he has never had a girl put his ‘thingy’ in her mouth. He wants his mom to do it first so he can see what it feels like. Mom is not happy about this idea and her son really has to do some sweet talking to get her on her knees. Once he has her agreeable, he asks her to take off her dress so he can see her in her bra and panties again. She explains that she’s not wearing a bra. Her son tells her that it will really help him out if she does it. She gives in because she really wants to help her son with this so he is prepared to take care of his girlfriend. Mom sucks her sons cock until he cums all in her mouth. Mom is shocked and again reminds her son that he should warn a girl before he cums like that. He apologizes to her as his semen leaks out of his mother’s mouth. Later, it’s the big day! Mom is in her bedroom when her son comes in completely naked with a hard on! He wakes her up and is desperate for her help. He explains that today is the day he is going to fuck his girlfriend, but he wants to do it with his mom first. He loves her the most afterall. He wants to be prepared and know what it’s going to feel like. He helps mom remove her panties and shirt and mom takes his cock and guides it inside of her pussy. He fucks his mother missionary. Mom loves the way that her son’s cock feels inside of her. She wants to ride him. She tells her son to lye down and relax and she climbs on top of him. He watches his mom’s tits bounce in his face as she fucks him cowgirl. Mom can’t resist. Her son feels so good that she cums all over his cock. Now she tells her son that it’s his turn to cum! He gets back on top of his mother and pounds her pussy until he accidentally cums inside of her. She tells him that he better not cum inside of his girlfriend like that!


Jane Cane - Mom Takes Son's Virginity

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