Jackie Synn - Greedy Mom Findom

Jackie Synn – Greedy Mom Findom

You just nailed the big job interview of your dreams, you’re going to be making half a million a year! You come home excited to tell your mother, but she is busy on the phone talking to your little sister. After she gets off the phone she acts so excited for you she is so proud of her young son having such a prestigious job! Mum make sure to remind you all of the sacrifices she’s had to make over the years to get you to where you are, she had to work three jobs to pay for your education. Mum tells you that tonight you’re going out for dinner with her and your little sister to celebrate, and you notice mum has on a very sexy new blue dress. Mum sees that you like her cleavage, so she teases you as she tells you that you need to start contributing. Mummy is so efficient, she’s already set it up with the bank to have part of your paycheque funnelled into her account every month. You start to protest, especially when you hear the exorbitant amount that she wants, but mum starts pulling out her big boobs and encouraging you to pump for them. You are so weak for your mum’s boobs, you’ve been jacking after her tits for years. Mum reminds you that she knows that you’ve been sneaking into your little sisters room at night to jerk off to her little panties as well. You don’t want all of your friends and your new boss to know that you’re a dirty pervert do you? Well then you better comply with mums demands, mum has you stroke until your broke. You’ll do anything for the chance to come on your mothers big boobs, but will mummy let you have what you want? Not until she gets what she wants, mummy is such a greedy bitch!


Jackie Synn - Greedy Mom Findom

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