Jackie Synn - Big Booty Step Mom

Jackie Synn – Big Booty Step Mom

Jackie Synn is my big booty stepmom: I’m a 20 year old black male You’re my curvy stepmom Scenario: I left my phone open on the kitchen counter. I have been sending my friends text in a group chat about you. I mention how you always wear short shorts when I’m in the house, and how that is a sign that you want me. My dad is always out of town and you are very horny these days. So you decide to confront me about the messages. While you are lecturing me about how wrong my messages are, you notice me watching your ass as you pace back and forth. Then you stop and say “Okay you know what I need some damn release around here your father never touches me so you’re gonna take care of my needs today”. You slowly pull down the short shorts and get on the couch. You begin to talk dirty to me and clap your ass up and say things like ” You like the way that big round ass bounces?” ” You want to bust a big ass nut on it don’t you?” ” Fuck that wet pussy with that young big black cock daddy” and whatever else you want to say. At the end you turn toward the camera and pull out your perfect tits and say ” Cum on my pretty fucking face daddy!” ( Please smile and show off your gorgeous eyes when you say this) You’re wearing short shorts and a deep v shirt that show’s your cleavage off just right. Under the short you have on a g string, and no bra under the shirt.”


Jackie Synn - Big Booty Step Mom

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