Ivy Starshyne - Summer Time Step Mom

Ivy Starshyne – Summer Time Step Mom

Your family went away for vacation over the Summer. Well, all of them except for you and your Step Mom. You guys get along well, and she points out that you always liked her most – you called her “Mom” well before anyone else did. You guys connect well. And she wants this Summer together to be very chill, very relaxed… very… comfortable.
And you soon see exactly what she means by that! She’s playing cards at the table in a bra and panties, saying you should join her. But your boner behind your own boxers says otherwise. Then later, she’s NAKED on the couch! And you can’t hide your excitement… as you are also totally naked for this Summer Step Mom Nude Fest.
And she can’t ignore it… as she touches her pussy and encourages you to do the same with your cock.


Ivy Starshyne - Summer Time Step Mom

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