Ivy Starshyne - Off To College

Ivy Starshyne – Off To College

While you might be prepared for the college life, Mom really isn’t. She’s been ruminating about the whole thing for weeks. From the kitchen now, she’s lamenting over her baby leaving home. However, she tells you to sit at the dining room table. It would be best if she could prepare you in some way for college. You insist your grades are perfect, that you’re ready to tackle the next stages. But no, that’s not what she’s worried about…
You sit at the table and wait. She walks out with two beers. You smile, kind of excited to try your first beer! Wow! And it’s disgusting. She says this will be the new norm for you. Drinking a beer in college won’t be so bad now that the first is out of the way.
Only, she sits you over on the couch and walks out with the rest of a TWELVE PACK! You’re okay, ready to tackle this challenge as well. Mom doesn’t think you’re ready for the big time college parties, but you think you’ll will be after your one beer. Well, Mom doesn’t stop at one… or two… or three… You will have a LOT more than that. And she’ll share one or two with you, but that’s it. She asks several times if you’re keeping count… and it gets harder… and harder…
And then you start to see things. Is that Mom still? Is that… Mom in… a tight, black dress? Fishnet stockings? Heels? What’s going on? You’re seeing things for sure.
Wow… and she let’s you know, this is all part of college. But that Mom, the one you have known forever, she looks and sounds the same… The other one though… the one you’re seeing now and then… she’s saying other things… sexy things… and… now stripping… she’s naked… says you’ll have to drink more and more to REALLY see her…
“Honey, are you okay?”


Ivy Starshyne - Off To College

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