HugeBoobsWife - Burying StepMom Loves to Hide your Face

Huge Boobs Wife – Burying StepMom Loves to Hide your Face

Outfit: Green blouse you wore in Mom taking care of you *** First five minutes I’m your step-son. I’m laying in bed as your cleavage comes into view. I sit up to greet you and you give me a hug that plunges me into your cleavage, which I love. This turns you on, so you tell me to lay back as you hop into the bed with me and climb on top of me. before I even register what is happening, you lay down on top of me and burying my face with your breasts. You mention how this turns you on. you talk about how I deserve to be buried in your cleavage for being such a great son and making you proud. Every now, you sit up just a little bit from burying me again so that I can get air and appreciate the details of your cleavage before engulfing my face in your cleavage. I begin to get tired from the lack of air and as you lift up my eyes start to close (Like the effect you did in my 1-hour custom video “Burying your Face Reward – Report Card” when switching outfits) you lightly touch my face as if you’re trying to keep me awake and you comment on how this has been too much for me as my eyes close. *** For the next 10 min., my eyes open up, and I’m staring at your cleavage as if I’m sitting up on the bed and you’re on my lap. you stroke my face with your hand and ask if I’m alright. I nod, still blinking awake and looking at your cleavage. You say that maybe we should try this position instead. it’s a little dangerous for you to bury my face laying down. You feel that I’m still horny as I sit in your lap and I obviously want more of your breasts, so you open your cleavage and invite me to the bottom of them before bury my face hard again. *** You comment on how you love the skin to skin contact with your cleavage and how you love to see my head surrounded by your cleavage. You pull my head out every now and then, not too far, just enough that I can get a little light before going all the way in again. *** You bounce them in my face and squeeze them before bringing me in slowly. Sometimes you back up just a little so that my face is still in your cleavage, but I can still see the top of your breasts. you hide my face again in your breast and tell me how proud you are of me and how close we’ve grown with all the skin to skin contact. you ask me if I love the smell of your skin and the smoothness of your breasts. talk about how much you love me for the next few minutes and at the end talk about how mommy’s breasts belong to me forever. A lot of loving dialogue and gentle hide my face in your breast here.


HugeBoobsWife - Burying StepMom Loves to Hide your Face

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